Hi, Let me tell you a story!


This is the story about a Sofa Spud; couch potato or as we say in Swedish; Soffpotatis, and his change.

My name is Joachim or Jay for English-speakers or Joa for the Germans.

I have walked through Bavaria, Austria and Spain. I have hitched a ride with some awesome strangers and Skateboarded from Portugal to Malta.

As I mentioned this blog will be about how even I could change, all it took was giving up everything.


In 2014 I grew tired of my same old same old routine, Work, drink, sleep and some video games.

So i bought a one way ticket to Berlin, took a buss to Nürnberg in Bayern or Bavaria (same thing just 2 different languages, and yes I will stop with this nonsense now).

I started to walk south in the direction of Munich (München) without any money and in Germany very few people speak English and my German is very limited (I know things like Dings bums and Ich bin eine kartoffel)

I have always liked to walk and I have always liked to test boundaries and see how far i can push my self (and others).

I had no plan, and that was the thing to just roll with it and teach myself to not trying to control my situation. Some people that this was incredibly stupid and others awesome. Me; I thought it was stupid, but I had to do something to change my situation.

I thought; If you plan, nothing turns out as you picture it anyway and you get disappointed in the end even if the result is kinda good.

In July 2014 Bavaria was beautiful with entire forests made of oak-trees, massive fields and castles taken strait out of a saga written by some Danish dude.

I specially remember one part where I’m following the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal . The Graveled road that usually caters to bicycles and had followed the edge of the canal for days suddenly took a left turn whilst the canal continued strait.

I could see the trees on each side form and it gave you the feeling that they grew around you instead of just being smaller in the beginning of the grove. As i followed the graveled road, which became interestingly not more than a narrow path, I could see the trees starting to block the skies and in mid day on a beautiful summer day became almost dark. I could here water purling and after another bend I came to a small lake. The lake was still and reminded me more of a mirror than anything but when you looked down, you could hardly see where the water ended. The water was so clear and still that you could see the bottom of the lake 3 meters under my feet. In the other end of the lake lay some mist and 5 swans came swimming out of the mist towards me.

Looking back on this it was beautiful but right then the hair of the back of my neck rose and I actually got a really uncomfortable feeling. I continued thru the grove and reached it’s end. I looked to the left where a huge cliff rose up probably 200 meters and on the edge was a castle taken out of a story book. It gave me the creeps.

The Castle Prunn That scared me a bright summer day in July.
The Castle Prunn That scared me a bright summer day in July.

I know that I’ve spooked myself a bit but this was to perfect, to beautiful and it felt to good to be true.


I want to finish my first blog with saying that everything will make sense, after a wile.

I just want to give you some background and a good base to the story.

Next time we will talk about physiological change and mental health.



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