Alright lets come clean and be totally honest for change.

luis_royo___fallen_angel_by_yunuentmntMetallica sang ”Where do I take this pain of mine? I run, but it stays right by my side”

As a restless soul I have been running all my life, running towards something and from anxiety and spiritual pain.

I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution. I looked to God when things became rough but after my skateboard trip last summer I realized that the answer was within me. I had to tackle the demon inside of me. Not revolutionary maybe but what I did was to accept who I am and I started to do things for others without asking for anything in return. 11210262_417292291776891_1259934467_n

I started to meditate in form of prayers and finding the core of my soul. It was not easy and it was not pretty..

I remember the people that saw me skating by. A grown ass man with tears streaming down his face with his voice breaking ”Push, Push, Push…..Rest, Push, Push, Push…..Rest”.

I got to know me for real, something I’ve been so afraid of all my life.

Then the accident and I got hit by a car in Italy. Then I panicked again. I grabbed hold of what I’ve learned and did a huge misstake. I used it wrongly and offered my services as a savior once again. As usual that didn’t work but and 3 awesome girls got hurt.

And now I’m back in Sweden again. Getting back on my feet and are planning my next trip.

Alright I know it was allot of info at once. 11354663_423947511111369_1753373975_o

But what I want to say is challenge yourself. Find your demon and challenge him. we all have one. You just have to put him to sleep and keep him sleeping, you can’t kill him he is a part of you, but you can confront him and knock him out. Until it sleeps.

We are all looking for love right! But we have to learn how to love right.


Now to the exciting part.. A new trip.

Before I moved back home, I did everything not to come back home. But now I’m here and I’m not planning to escape again for a while.

So The next trip will be 2 300 km long and take about 6 weeks. I will start in Sweden’s most northern part ”Treriksröset” (three national cairn, the part where Finland, Norway and Sweden meets up), and to the most souther point of Sweden. Skärmavbild 2016-01-08 kl. 14.07.56

So why not just continue on my world domination tour? I don’t think I can do it for more than maximum 6 weeks and this is more or less a test run to see what my body can take.

We are waiting to see who want’s to sponsor this. but compared to the 5200 km I did last summer this should be awesome.


Keep challenging yourself and keep pushing the limits.

The only one stoping you from doing great things are yourself. Stop listening to everyone else and as Nike says.. Just do it.

Remember you are amazing and totally awesome and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

To be honest if I can do it so can you.

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