I had music, I had fame, I had lovely parents, I had beautiful children, I had a lot of beers, I had great food, I had success, I had very good friends, I had great woman, (Stavas faktiskt så), I had great food, I had great vacations I had a car I had a bed I had confindence I had good looks, and a great dick I had great times I had the ability to forget about bad times. Almost all of them. I had music I had ability I have brains Therefore, I will honestly I say to GOD, you failed in your construction! Why didn´t you at least constructed me as Squirrle? Then I could be satisfied running up and down in that tree! Or a monkey, so that I could jerk off whenever I felt for it! Or at least a bird, so that I could fly without GPS and still find my way! Or maybe a turtle! I like to move slow! Or a shark. I bite. Talking about it, a snake. That would be perfect. I´m fast, and as I said, I bite. If I have a saying, I could prefer being born as manet. But that´s another story. Thank you anyway!

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